Towards New Era – Food and Packaging 2020 Comprehensive exhibition of packaging, food, bakery/confectionery and logistics machinery and food hygienic, environment and testing equipment, packaging materials and food materials.

Merit of exhibiting

Get a business chance with “Chubu Pack!”
High performance in the Chubu area. Please utilize Chubu Pack as a place of substantive business negotiation.

The biggest industry trade exhibition in the Chubu area

It will lead to expansion of business and increase of customers.
This is an exhibition in Nagoya, which is a center of manufacturing as well as that of Japan. Good access from anywhere in japan. In addition to visitors from Nagoya and its suburbs, not to mention Hokuriku, Gifu and Mie, the number of visitors from further areas has increased. Events to increase more visitors will be planned in 2020 Chubu Pack. Look forward to it!

Benefit and courtesy for companies to study to exhibit products to “Chubu Pack” for the first time!!

Benefit & Courtesy only for the first exhibiting!!
Please don’t miss this chance. 

○ A corner stand is guaranteed.
○ Early reservation discount will be applied.
When you apply for exhibiting, please pay \50,000 of application fee for one stand. If you pay by September 30, 2019, 10% discount of application fee will be applied when remaining amount is settled.

More merit!! Plan to increase visitor

Also a hint for business chance!

We will hold “special lectures” which are very popular every time.
In regards to special lectures which are very popular among visitors every time, in 2018 by selecting topics which users in food industry have high interest in and requesting energetic business entrepreneurs under this economic situation, we were able to hold informative lectures to lead to a hint of business chance. The number of audience reached nearly 500. In addition, we also hold “special lectures and seminars to promote sixth industry” in 2018. In 2020 we will also hold them by selecting useful contents for the future as well as familiar topic that goes with the times.

Special booth to promote sixth industry

Promoting agriculture, forestry and fisheries to be the sixth industry is expected as one of growth strategies in Japan. Local governments and agricultural organizations also strongly focus and in the process to more promote the sixth industry, from production to product development and know-how to expand sales channels, its process needs to be steadily solidified. In Chubu Pack we will specially set exhibition booth from machinery to process food to commercialize farm product to machinery and equipment for the processes including packaging, package and packaging material, contract processing, contract packaging, machinery of bakery, confectionery production and kitchen facility and equipment.

Special booth to consult packaging

We will respond to all kinds of questions.
In Chubu Pack centering on issues related to searching of packaging machinery, we prepare a booth where visitors can directly consult. During the event, counselling staff will answer for a short time and respond to all kinds of questions.

Special Event<held in 2018> Corner of the case to utilize industrial robots

While decreasing of productive age population, we introduced the case of utilization to aim at new manufacturing society where human being and robots coexist and collaborate.

Please feel free to contact us. TEL 052-452-3161 Opening hours: 9:00 - 17:30 [Excluding weekends / holidays]