About chubu pack

Exhibits from raw materials to processing and manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and resource reuse, all in one place.

In the past, Chubu Pack has developed into a comprehensive exhibition covering machinery for processing raw materials, packaging machinery and systems, sanitary, environmental, and inspection equipment, packaging materials, materials for pharmaceuticals and foods, and even distribution equipment. The exhibition is characterized by its emphasis on streamlining and efficiency in the manufacturing process, as well as its wide range of exhibits on environmental issues such as food safety systems, resource conservation, and recycling.

The exhibition will be held at the newly built Exhibition Hall 1 at Port Messe Nagoya!

The era requiring further innovation creation. In order to respond to changes in the environment surrounding the industry and to provide exhibitors and visitors with opportunities for new discoveries and new encounters, the exhibition will be moved to the newly built Exhibition Hall 1 at Port Messe Nagoya from 2024, and will be spectacularly held as one of the largest industrial events in the Chubu region.


  1. 2024 Chubu Pack Press Conference Video is now available.

  2. The poster design for the 2024 Chubu Pack is now available.

  3. A movie showing the 2022 Chubu Pack is now available.

45 years have passed since the first exhibition was held, and the comprehensive exhibition continues to move forward into the future.

The first exhibition was held in 1979 in Chubu, an industrial center of Japan. Since then, it has grown as a comprehensive exhibition specializing in knowledge and technology related to food and packaging. Based on this long track record, we are working to evolve into a comprehensive exhibition for the next generation. We look forward to your participation.


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