Towards New Era – Food and Packaging 2020 Comprehensive exhibition of packaging, food, bakery/confectionery and logistics machinery and food hygienic, environment and testing equipment, packaging materials and food materials.

Presentation Seminar

As an opportunity to announce own technology and new products outside of the booth, seminars were held by exhibitors themselves.


Laws and regulations of utensils and containers/packaging and its future trend

Laws and regulation of utensils and containers/packaging in Food Sanitation Act and positive list system under study for future introduction will be explained.

Date & Time April 18 (Wed) 10:10-11:00
Lectured by Japan Food Research Laboratories

Utilization of technologies to protect against insects

In regards to protection for insect infestation, measures based on the ecology of insects will be explained including new technologies.

Date & Time April 18 (Wed) 11:10-12:00
Lectured by Ikari Shodoku Co., Ltd.

Sales floor changes, sales volume changes

Date & Time April 18 (Wed) 15:10-16:00
Lectured by Daiya Case Co., Ltd.

Make HACCP simple! –PP (Precondition Program) Point of maintenance?

In regards to ISO/TS22002-1, “Precondition Program for food safety” where PP is specifically specified, requirements in terms of hard side will be explained.

Date & Time April 18 (Wed) 16:10-17:00
Lectured by Chusetsu Engineering Co., Ltd.

Not only findings out but more! Management to protect against insects

We will not finish only with “findings”! From findings to proposal and construction, we, Akamon Willex will introduce fundamental measures based on various cases!!

Date & Time April 19 (Thu) 10:10-11:00
Lectured by Akamon Willex Inc.

Introduction of safe and hygienic equipment in each process of food powder

With improvement of work environment, not only safe and hygienic design but also compact and stylish powder equipment will be introduced in terms of technology!

Date & Time April 19 (Thu) 11:10-12:00
Lectured by Tsukasa Industry Co., Ltd.

Simple production of design package ~ Smooth design production and management proposed by Esko

Package design is a face of product. We will introduce the latest solution to make its production simple without mistakes.

Date & Time April 19 (Thu) 12:30-13:20
Lectured by Esko-Graphics bvba

Proposal in the era of manpower shortage ~ Support for “solution of manpower shortage” in packaging process

Including the latest cases of “solution of manpower shortage”, “automatic shrinkable film inserting machine” made based on customer’s voice will be proposed.

Date & Time April 19 (Thu) 15:10-16:00
Lectured by Nippon Technology Solution Co., Ltd.

Introduction of the latest inspection machine of foreign substances and a way of utilizing inspection machine with IoT

We will introduce a metal detector with detection technology of new concept, the latest X-ray type biting detector and utilization of detectors with IoT

Date & Time April 19 (Thu) 16:10-17:00
Lectured by Anritsu Infivis Inc.

We will propose effective and efficient washing and sterilization by utilizing a washer, washing agent and carbonic hypochlorite to solve issues of manpower shortage and improvement of hygienic level.

We will also introduce the latest “generative system of carbonic hypochlorite.”

Date & Time April 20 (Fri) 10:10-11:00
Lectured by Creo Co., Ltd.

We will introduce a newly developed 3 dimensional washing nozzle which drastically enhances efficiency.

Introduction of newly developed 3 dimensional washing nozzle
●Water saving and strong washing by air assist nozzle
●Washing focusing on grime by twin drive system
●Respond to φ150mm of manhole, etc.

Date & Time April 20 (Fri) 11:10-12:00
Lectured by Shibuya Machinery Co., Ltd.

Latest inspection of agricultural chemicals, foreign substances and microorganisms to aim at food safety and security

We will introduce inspection kit of immunochromatographic residual agricultural chemicals to easily analyze residual agricultural chemicals in a production site.
・We will introduce a detector of near inflated luminous foreign substance which cannot be found by X-ray and metal detector.
・We will also introduce ColoColoMee (microcolony detection) which finds the quantity of microbial biomass.

Date & Time April 20 (Fri) 12:10-13:00
Lectured by Toyohashi University of Technology / Mitsui Kinzoku Instrumentations Technology Corporation / Tsuchiya Co., Ltd.

Defect measures for printing of a best before date and food labeling

We will inform the latest trend of printing inspection from information of legal revision related to statistics of recall and date marking to inspection of printing.

Date & Time April 20 (Fri) 13:10-14:00
Lectured by Optex FA Co., Ltd.

Metal surface treatment to improve slipping of food and “to avoid causing foreign substance”

By making fine asperity on metal surface, an area of contact will be reduced and slipping will be improved. As slipping is done by only shape, this will “avoid coming unstuck and becoming foreign substance” and can be used safely and securely.

Date & Time April 20 (Fri) 16:10-17:00
Lectured by Fuji WPC Co. Ltd.

“Reform for heat countermeasures to be comfortable in summer” recommended by contractors specializing in roof and exterior wall

Make an old factory cool in summer and warm in winter! By heat shield and our original cover method, drastic energy saving reform is possible for a short time without stopping factory operation.

Date & Time April 21 (Sat) 10:10-11:00
Lectured by Ito Bankin Kosakusho

Proposal of PP resin case respond to HACCP

We will propose and introduce PP resin case respond to HACCP recommended internationally for application, based on the past delivery record. We will also propose reduction of total logistics cost to meet the above.

Date & Time April 21 (Sat) 11:10-12:00
Lectured by Hankyukasei Co., Ltd.

Future activities of Ishida in amendment of measuring system

Due to amendment of measuring system, from now on, an automatic weighing scale used for marketing and validation must be approved. We will introduce the latest information of amendment of this system and countermeasures (proposal) provided by Ishida.

Date & Time April 21 (Sat) 12:10-13:00
Lectured by Ishida Co., Ltd.


Date & Time April 21 (Sat) 13:10-14:00
Lectured by Sanjo Machine Works, Ltd.

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