Message from the Chairman, Ikuta

会長 生田芳規

Organizer of 2024 Chubu Pack
Chubu Packaging and Food Machinery Manufactures Association
Chairman Yuki Ikuta

Established as the biggest exhibition in the Chubu area!
We will respond to the needs of the times and the needs of our customers.
Please make use of this exhibition as a place for business negotiations that will lead to the future.

The Chubu Packaging and Food Machinery Association will hold “2024 Chubu Pack” at Port Messe Nagoya from April 17 (Wed.) to 20 (Sat.), 2024. Chubu Pack is the only comprehensive exhibition in the Chubu region related to food and packaging with a history of 45 years since the first exhibition was held in 1979, and this year will be the 24th. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the support of government agencies and various organizations, as well as the understanding and cooperation of all exhibitors, which have made it possible for us to hold this exhibition for so many years.
The theme of 2024 Chubu Pack is “What We Can Do – Toward the Future of Food and Packaging” and we are preparing for a comprehensive exhibition that will showcase raw materials, processing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, resource recycling, and related materials and equipment.
Recently, new technological capabilities are needed to address environmental issues in order to achieve a sustainable society. We believe that our industry’s mission is to continue to develop environmentally friendly products based on “safety and security,” which is the theme of our industry, and that this is the major significance of holding the Chubu Pack exhibition.
In addition, due to the declining birthrate and aging population, expectations for overseas markets are inevitable, and competition with overseas food and packaging machinery manufacturers is becoming even tougher due to the globalization of food products. In addition to robotization and servo technology, I believe that the promotion of IoT and AI is also an important issue. The Chubu region has a thriving manufacturing industry and is attracting attention as a place to transmit the latest technologies. The exhibition also plays a role in revitalizing the economy of the Chubu region while responding to the demands of society and the needs of customers at the time.
The 2024 Chubu Pack is an exhibition that will be held in the Chubu region, and we intend to make the most of its regional characteristics to create a unique exhibition that cannot be found in any other region.
As stated in the theme, we hope that you will consider what we can do now and make the most of the 2024 Chubu Pack for the development of your company’s business. We sincerely look forward to your participation in the 2024 Chubu Pack, not only for the year of the exhibition, but also for the future business negotiations and the development of related industries. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.