Message from the Chairman, Ikuta

Message from the Chairman, Ikuta

会長 生田芳規

Organizer of 2022 Chubu Pack
Chubu Packaging and Food Machinery Manufactures Association
Chairman Yuki Ikuta

“Chubu Pack” hosted by the Chubu Packaging and Food Processing Machine Industry will be held at Port Messe, Nagoya for 4 days from April 20th (Wed) to 23th (Sat), 2022. Forty years have passed since we held “the 1st exhibition in 1979” and we will mark the 22nd exhibition this year. It is the only comprehensive exhibition on food and packaging in the Chubu area with such a long history. Thanks to the support from each institution and association as well as public offices and the understanding and cooperation of each company exhibiting their products, we have been able to hold this exhibition for a long time. I appreciate it very much. Thank you very much.

We will hold the 2022 Chubu Pack with the theme, “Towards New Era – Food and Packaging 2020” and prepare it as a comprehensive exhibition to display everything from materials to processing and manufacturing, packaging, distribution, the recycling of resources and furthermore, related materials and machines. Currently, there is a tendency that more and more companies are investing in rationalization of operation and labor-saving due to shortage of manpower.

In order to respond to volume purchasing of major distributors, investment in increasing the number of food machinery and packaging equipment or its renewal has been proactively implemented.

Furthermore, in light of the situation of aging society with fewer children, it is expected to rely on overseas markets without any doubt and in regards to globalization of food, competition with overseas food and packaging machinery makers is much more fierce. Without mentioning robotization and servo, it is also an important issue to address IoT and promote AI. In order to take countermeasures against such issues, we more strongly consider our mission is to continue to develop “eco-friendly” products focusing more on “food safety and security.” In terms of this focus, there is a big significance to hold the exhibition, “Chubu Pack.” There is a great value to hold an exhibition with a long history in the Chubu area to transmit the state of the art technology in products. In addition, in the Chubu area where many manufacturing businesses are located, this exhibition is well established as the largest exhibition which plays a role in activating the economy in the area by responding to requests from present day society to meet the needs of customers. In 2022 Chubu Pack, we would like to utilize regionality as an exhibition held in the Chubu area and will make it a unique one which no other areas have.

In order to continually make progress, we would like you to fully utilize this exhibition and embrace this opportunity for business talks which lead not only to current but also future business, and we are looking forward to increased participation by you in this exhibition in order to improve and further develop the industry.