Privacy Policy

Chubu Packaging and Food Machinery Manufactures Association 2024 Chubu Pack Office (hereinafter it is called “office.”) comply with the law related personal information and protect personal information of customers under the policy. Personal information refers to customers’ name, address, telephone number, email address and other customer specific information.

Usage within the range of purpose
The office treats provided personal information within the range of the following purposes.
(1) Proceeding process in case of applying for exhibit
(2) Responding to customers’ inquiries, delivering application form and documents of exhibiting.
(3) Other operations with the above

Safety precaution
The office will make efforts to maintain personal information of customers appropriately and at the latest condition and take necessary and appropriate countermeasures to protect against unauthorized access and prevent from loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information

Disclosure of information and provision to the third party
The office will never disclose and provide personal information to the third parry except for any of the following cases
(1) When a customer him/herself agrees
(2) When we disclose and provide with the condition where people cannot be identified such as statistical data.
(3) When disclosure and provision are required based on the law
(4) When it is necessary to protect people’s life and property and it is difficult to obtain customer’s agreement.
(5) In order for the state or local public organization to implement an official administration operation, when the office must cooperate and there is possibility that obtaining agreement from customers may create problems to an applicable administration.

Revision and removal of personal information
In regards to personal information owned by chubu Pack Office, if a customer would like to revise, add or remove his/her personal information, we will confirm if the person requesting is the identical person and if some information is different from the truth, we will revise, add or remove information within a rational period and range.

Legal compliance and revision of the policy
The office complies with laws related to protection of personal information and regulations, guideline and ethical norm specifically decided by administrative body.
In addition, the office may revise all or part of the content of the private policy. In case of revision, we will announce it by reflecting it on the description of the current page.

Inquiry on personal information
Please contact the below for inquiry on personal information.

Chubu Packaging and Food Machinery Manufactures Association, 2024 Chubu Pack Office