Exhibitor rule & Regulations

Exhibitor rule & Regulations

Package stand

(1)Package stand is set up with system panels. System panel is composed by vinyl chloride panel (white), aluminum pole and aluminum beam. It is not permitted to nail and screw directly system panel and aluminum pole and beam and to use adhesive and hang wallpaper. Package stands have two types, single and double. There is a back wall, side walls and a number plate of stand and an organizer will conduct its setup. Parapet and a plate of company name will be set up only if requested. In case of a block stand, as you will hire space, there is no package.

(2)Exhibitors must be responsible for all the charge of display except for the above.

(3)As for measurement of one stand, the frontage is 2.97m and the depth is 2.97m. The height of stand decoration must be 2.7m or below.
However, although 4.5m is possible in an area which is 1m or over far from access aisle or adjoining stand, exhibitors must submit a drawing of decoration plan and acquire permission from the organizer and an appropriate fire department. In addition, if the back is a wall of the building, the requirement of 1m will be liberalized. Even in that case, submission of a drawing of decoration plan is required.

(4)If planning to reduce the cost of booth decoration, we recommend to use a stand booth.


(1)Trunk construction

Electric mode AC single phase with two wires 100 volt / AC three phase with three wires 200 volt
Electric amount Up to 1kWh ¥8,800 (incl. tax)
After 1kWh, each 500Wh ¥4,400 (incl. tax)

(2)Electricity charge


In case of using gas as power, only propane gas is available. Exhibitors must be responsible for all the necessary cost to use propane gas including setting up and gas charge. (Please specify anticipated gas usage amount on the application form for exhibit. In case of change of anticipated usage amount, please inform us by January 14, 2024.)

Plumbing work

Within the exhibition hall, water supply and drainage equipment is basically set up. Exhibitors must be responsible for all the necessary cost for water and supply drainage including construction cost and water charge.

Demonstration of exhibitors

(1)Exhibitors may demonstrate their exhibits within an allocated stand by an organizer.

(2)Exhibitors may provide food produced through demonstration with an their exhibit as tasting by obtaining permission from a public health authority.

(3)Exhibitors are prohibited to sell products on the spot, produced through their demonstration of exhibits.

Invitation of customers

Exhibitors may invite customers with an invitation ticket issued by an organizer.

Manual for exhibitors

(1)An organizer will issue and distribute “manual for exhibitors” to exhibitors, where a rule and regulations on exhibiting in 2024 are specified.

(2)Exhibitors must comply with a rule and regulations specified in this “manual for exhibitors.”

Volume limit and other

(1)Conduct to disturb business negotiations of other exhibitors is prohibited.

(2)In case of using a video or microphone, we may ask you to control the volume of a speaker.

Registration for anchor bolt

Please apply in advance if you embed anchor bolts in the floor of the venue. Exhibitors must be responsible for both setting and recovery costs.

Temporal telephone installation

We will install telephones according to a request by an exhibitor. An exhibitor must pay for the cost.