Merit of exhibiting(2)

“Special lectures” which are popular every time are introduced and please utilize them as a hint of business

In 2022, the previous exhibition was planned to cover a wide range of topics, including the construction of IoT and the use of AI in “Mass Production through Production Automation,” and the current application of the new material “CFRP” in various industrial fields.
In 2024, we plan to continue to hold the event, covering topics that are timely and familiar, as well as those that will be useful for the future.

Special Program, “Chupi Plaza” – Pack DE Marche-

For 10 years since 2012, we have set up a corner where mainly food manufacturers can promote & sell their special ingredients and products.
In 2022, the theme of the event was SDGs, and the exhibitors were asked to showcase their best products responding to it.
In 2024, the Chubu Pack will continue to offer unique programs.

Booth is specially set up to be flexible to the changing times.

Due to the impact of covid-19, we plan to set up a special booth to propose ideas and products that can be used with and post covid 19.
Business opportunities will be created by sharing wisdom from various fields and cooperating with each other to create a sustainable society.
We welcome exhibitors from a wide variety of different industries with taking advantage of this opportunity.

Seminar with Demonstration

「Past performance」
「Key of vacuum cooking to utilize cooking ingredients ~ Traditional ingredients in Aichi and fermented seasoning」「Aichi prefecture has its unique traditional vegetable and ingredients including the chicken, Nagoya Cochin and eel, Isshiki eel and a variety of fermented seasoning such as Haccho miso (bean paste), Mikawa mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), white soy sauce, tamari soy sauce and vinegar. Vacuum cooking is the one to utilize flavor of ingredients by vacuum packing and heating ingredients and seasoning at appropriate temperature. We will give clear explanations on the basic of its vacuum cooking and you can know the key to cook unique and delicious dishes by using Aichi ingredients through demonstration and tasting.」

Consultation corner for packaging will be specially set up.

Chubu Pack will have a special corner where visitors can consult directly with our consultants on matters related to packaging machinery search. During the exhibition, our consultants will try to respond to all matters in a short period of time.

Job-seeking support for students

Leading machinery suppliers will gather, which can strongly beat a recession.
Booths will be set for job seeking students. Good chance to see machinery which usually cannot!
「Recruiting Plaza」